Our Progressive Rock Band

Original progressive rock songs and covers of metal, classic and progressive rock hits.


Our sound is heavily influenced by timeless artists of the past like Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden, as well as technical artists of our time such as Dream Theater and Animals as Leaders. Currently an instrumental band, we hope to find a singer who enjoys the same blend of styles.

We have a wide range of classic, grunge, metal and progressive rock covers in our set list, but we’re most proud of our original compositions. We’ve been working on an album for a couple months now and are excited with its progress. We’d love to share it with you at our next performance!

***SINGER WANTED: If interested in auditioning, please call or text us at 404-725-2559 or hit us up on***

July 28th, 2017 Open Mic at the Cherokee Music Center

The set included the Metallica cover For Whom the Bell Tolls, Iron Maiden tribute The Trooper, Californication by RHCP, and they closed with the crowd favorite Pull Me Under, a dynamic and technical progressive rock song originally by Dream Theater.

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