The Listening Room at Cherokee Music Center

David Suddeth and the folks at Cherokee Music Center and Blackbeard Entertainment are so cool. Twice a month, the hold Open Mic Nights for local musicians of all types to come out and have some stage time to share their talents and love of music. We’ve been especially appreciative to them as many other open mic events are restricted to acoustic acts, and we are far from acoustic. I’m sure the first time we brought in our gear, they worried they had made a bad choice in allowing us a time slot. We had enough respect to show up early to make sure there would be no issues with power or setup, and they ran us through a sound check and were immediately relieved once they heard us and knew we weren’t there just to make as much noise as possible! In fact, we rocked the house that night so much David contacted us the next day and asked us to come back again. We try to play there every few months to work out new songs in front of an audience, and to support other musicians. The event is open to the public, not just musicians, but you’d be wise to go on Facebook and let them know you are interest so they set up enough chairs. There have been a few nights that its been standing room only!

Of course, Cherokee Music Center is also a great music stores and they offer music lessons for all ages on a number of instruments. If you haven’t been there, be sure to check them out.

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