Open Mic at Cherokee Music Center, 07/28/17

Check it out, guys. Skeptica played at The Listening Room at Cherokee Music Center for their Open Mic Night and we rocked it out! Our set opened with The Trouper, an Iron Maiden cover, then continued with Metallica’s For Whom the Bell Tolls, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Californiation, and closed with our kickin’ rendition of Dream Theater’s Pull Me Under, featured in the above video. Check out our Youtube channel for other videos from our performance.

When we first contacted this place about performing, they said all acts were acoustic, but somehow we managed to convince them to let us set up. When we showed up with our gear, I’m sure they instantly started regretting the idea, but we had the decency to arrive an hour before the show and they ran us through a sound check. Once they realized we weren’t there to just make noise, you could sense a change in their level of respect. And when we had the crowd roaring at the end of our set, we definitely had their attention. The next day we were contacted asking if we could come back again.

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