Open Mic Night at CMC, 09/22/17


Hey guys! We had another great night at The Listening Room at Cherokee Music Center’s Open Mic Night. Our set was a bit different this time around. While we opened with a cover, Metallica’s Enter Sandman, after that we played an original tune called When the Smoke Clears. The song in its original version is almost 11 minutes long, so that pretty much completed our set. It was cool to get the crowd’s reaction to something we’ve created ourselves.

Here’s a couple shots of us hanging out before our time to go on stage. This was one of those nights that the Listening Room was standing room only, so we chilled out in the store area where we could still hear the acts that were on stage. We talked music and bands all evening until it was our turn to take the stage. We’re looking forward to the next chance or schedules align with another Open Mic Night at CMC!

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