We’re in the Battle of the Bands!


Make sure you sign up for our blog or follow us on social media so you can be the first to find out what date we compete in the Battle of the Bands at Connect Live! We’ve been chosen to compete against 3 other bands, and if we win we go on to compete against 3 other bands that won their night of Battle of the Bands at the Final Competition in July. We’re so excited and hope you’ll spend the night enjoying some great music, cheering on your friends, and having a great time checking out a cool new venue in the Woodstock area. Connect Live is near the intersection of Bells Ferry and Kellogg Creek, near the Walmart in Towne Lake. Stay tuned for more info on times and ticket info. We should have tickets available prior to the event and will know more about the line up as the venue sets the full schedule. The first competition is March 10th, and we’re hoping to be scheduled April 14th, or May 12th so as not to be competing with a big event at one of the high schools in March.

As a competitor, Skeptica automatically get 2 hours of studio time, but winners will get a 4 song EP recorded in the state of the art studio, a music video, as well as a CD release and listening party held in their event venue! This is the big time!!!  Connect Live is a musicians dream with rehearsal space, event space, and event a cafe and coffee shop! Music performances and events are all-ages, so this is going to be the coolest teen hangout on Saturday nights for concerts!

Connect Live is located at 6835 Victory Drive, Woodstock, GA 30189

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