Red Tyde Rising/Whisky Tango/Trainfight concert at Connect Live

Skeptica stepped out and went to the RTR concert at Connect Live and caught Whisky Tango and Trainfight as well. All 3 bands put on an excellent show. Props to Ian of RTR for running around the stage with their new wireless setup with a squid hat halfway down his face! We were having too much fun to get too many pics, but we managed to get a few:


After the show, we got to talk to our buddies Ian and PJ of RTR for a bit after they broke down their gear. It was also a great opportunity to check out the venue in full lighting. The place is huge, the stage is well designed, and we can’t wait to play there and compete in the Battle of the Bands there in May!



Be sure to check out RTR’s Facebook page to see where they are scheduled to play next so you can check them out too!

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